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The Best Tips and Tricks for Blogger

When we come to enter in the world of blogs. A number of question are to be raised. During the start time of a blogger some question are found in their minds which could be the one of followings. (Which Platform should I use to blog, Is Blogger simple for bloging, Is WordPress not good to blog because of its rest widgets, Is blogger good because of being owned by Google, Would blogger help me to explore something I like to do).

The Best Tips and Tricks For Blogger

If any of these question are raised in your mind and want to make them clear completely, Then You're on the right path to do so. I my self use blogger to blog on. The time since I'm using it. I've not ever found any problem during the process of my blogging.The most liked and Interesting thing to blogger is that It is owned by Google (A search engine). Which is known by every Internet user around the whole world. If you're a developer then you must know about the various products of Google which are used for the different purposes according to their niche.

As you know about one thing that the way by which we find our needed information is the source of Google search. When we search on Google for something which we want to get, after the search a rest of Websites come in the shape of results. In which you find different kind of websites related to your need. Thus, If a blogger's blog relates to the searched word, will also be brought to the search results with a favor of Google. Why does Google favor to blogger blogs. Because Blogger is owned by Google. Because of this Google favor to its blogs. If you've joined the "Webmaster Tools" (A way to index websites/blogs to Google search) is also owned by Google. Where Google adds your Blog to the "Webmaster Tools" without any asking. That's the favor of Google to your blog. Similarly Google has many Products, which are free to use specially for a blogger. If you need them then don't forget to join all of those from now and get benefited from each of them. Some of blogger features are followed below:

  • First look is the Last look.

  • The blogs which are having a good template with a good interface. Which could attract the visitors to visit them back. Don't think that the contents you've are everything for your blog, Because contents have its own place. But design is an other important fact between visiting interest. If your blog's template won the interest of visitors to visit you again then the chances of traffic will be increased. If you've started blogger newly and have no templates to install in it then don't wait, Just visit and search for templates. You'll probably get a huge number templates from there. Now chose your favourite template according to your blog niche. When you got any favourite template then simply download it and install it in your blog from the template section. After installation make the enough customization to it and you're done at all. It was my own opinion to you I hope this method will help you to get your goal.

  • Quality of Content is Worthy:

  • The main reason for having a huge number of visitors is to write worthy and needy content according to your blog niche. If you're blog is related to Internet then you'll need to write articles such as; Make Money Online, How to create accounts online, How to blog on etc. Any of these topics should be explained on you're blog if you provide Internet facilities. Thus, Every blog relates to its concerned topic.

  • Reply to Comments:

  • The visitors who come to visit your blog and may some of them want to ask something from you, Which could relate to your blog. Similarly If someone has commented on your blog then don't forget to answer them fast. Because If you answer them It means you're encouraging them to visit your blog again in the future. Once you started answering to the commentators, Thus the chances of more visitors will be increased. You must consider on one thing more that the answer you gave, must be related to the question which would be asked in the comment section.

  • Respect the visitors and readers:
  • The thing which brings a person from earth to sky is the respect for others. All of us may listen the words of respect from our elders as they advise us about it most often. With the advice they also mention various topics in that discussion to make us able to understand the importance of respect for someone. So it is not a difficult thing, For what I could explain it. Just follow the rules you've for readers and visitors to respect. Don't ever use informal language to abuse someone Which can decrease the interest of visitors to come visit you again.

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