Monday, July 29, 2013

How to enable Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger for Better SEO

In the modern era every On-Line particle is getting hard to confront, as well as the online stakeholders like Search-Engines in which specially Google is going more forward while letting others so far behind in the terms of service providing. 

This Point can't be ignored that Google is providing much facilities to the users in an equal way, Mean to equal is that there is no grade given to each user separately. We know Blogger is also one of products of Google, Thus in today's post I'll mention something concerning Blogger.

Custom Robots Header Tags

As we're aware that without making a blog SEO Friendly we can't generate enough traffic from the Search-Engines. Therefore, It is essential to have a look on the things and parts of the blogger which are concerned to SEO for a betterment of a website/blog. 

Whether you're using WordPress or Blogger you must have an SEO Optimized theme or template for your blog which leads you to the successful point in the blogging career. While considering the same topic I'm about to give you the right tips of Blogging while starting a series of posts on "Making Blog SEO Friendly" which are the followings.

 This is a Part of our Series on "Making Blog SEO Friendly"

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How to enable Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger for Better SEO
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How to Enable Custom Robots Header Tags?

First of all go to>>Login>>Select Blog>>Scroll down>>Select Search-Preferences>> Select Custom robots header tags>> Now Tick Mark the fields same as Below Image

Congratulation! You've done the setting up


As you we had shared an article concerning the SEO Series in our previous post, Thus I've intended to give you more information regarding SEO in the coming post of this series don't miss any of these. Because It is SEO and It leads you to the success without this you can't touch the SKY.

Be in touch with us for the next posts of the series. If you've any confusion in doing the above things then let me know I'll try to solve them.

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