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About Me

   Something About My Self

Hey Everyone! The Guy behind this blog is called "Samandar Khan Nichari", I've been working on this blog since last 2 years and having a deep interest on sharing softwares and exploring logics related to techinical world on the blogs I control.I'm 16 years old and Currently, living in Quetta, Pakistan. I can speak a few languages concerned the place where I live. Which are English, Urdu, Sindhi, Birahui and Balochi. Actually I belong to Baloch tribe and that's what I speak Balochi and Birahui languages. By profession I'm a student, However, I've a good knowledge concerning Blogging, Writing Articles, Computing, SEO, Web Designing and many things related to Internet world. I would like to mention one thing more about my self that, When anything comes on my mind and if I don't know about it, I don't let it go. I try for it again and again, and work hard to get it and don't stop this act until I've not got it. I learnt about this technical world from my Teachers, Internet and Books and I started my own work on the Internet platform and so on.

My Objectives
The Guy who started his steps from the day. When He opened a page using a cheap mobile phone and since then he is working to make him self more good than what he wanted to be. I've a rule for my self on what I work is that, Anything I know about the Internet world I don't keep it hidden. Because I'm the person who wants to share everything whatever comes on his mind.

I've a good knowledge on these followed courses. You can even ask me about any of these If you don't know, and also let me know what explanations do you want to get  in my future post.
  • Blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Typed)
  • Making Money Online  (Adsense, Affiliate, PPC, PTC, PPD, Freelancing)
  • Graphics Designing (Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, Inpage)
  • Office Automation (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Writing (Articles, Presentations, Corrections, Translations) 
  • Google Adwords (Google network to advertise your product on the web)
  • Google Adsense (Google Network to earn money with website)
  • Google Webmaster (Google tool for crawling & indexing your website)
  • Google Feedburner (Google tool for syndicating your content)
  • Google Analytics (Google tool for collecting your site's statistical data)
  • Blogger ( A web blog platform for free blogs)
  • WordPress ( A platform for making PHP based website and blogs)
  • Transferring from WordPress to Blogger 
  • Transferring Blogger to WordPress
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Linkedin)
  • Linux (basic to Advance)
  • Affiliat Marketing (ClickBank, Amazon, linkshare)
  • Web Designing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
The Idea of this Blog?
When I had needed a software the most and without that my work was not able to be done. I went to the market to buy that software, But unfortunately the software I wanted to buy was not available and felt so bad. Thus, I thought that why not there should be a blog to provide free software downloads and everything which people need to get in free of cost. That's what I intended to create a blog/website where every software should be free of download.
I've been bloging for last 2 years. The platforms which are famous for all newbies and experts are named Blogger.com and WordPress.com. These both platforms are very useful to blog. I also use both of these and have found many useful things in them; such as widgets,easy to customize and friendly user interface. Which could be important for a blogger. After using and struggling for these Now I've a great knowledge about both of providers. But though I'm in the progress of my learnings and want to achieve that everything which come to me.
      My websites
Mostly I'm running two web blogs. Which are having a good number of organic traffic from the search engines. The Blogs I run mostly  are listed below. You can take a look on them to see how have they been made.
  1. SamandarNichari.blogspot.com
  2. TheGreatBalochistan.blogspot.com

Where can I be found?
You can be connected with me for every post, I publish on this blog. It is easy to contact me for anything related to this blog or anything you want to ask about.  Feel free to contact us on Following Social networks. You can even follow me on all the major social networks. 

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Email: SamandarNichari@gmail.com

About Me

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My name is Samandar Khan Nichari. I'm a student and I also write articles on blogs. Now-a-days I Write articles on my blogs from Quetta, Pakistan.

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