Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free Download Opera and 5 Best Tips for it

The way in which you use internet on daily bases in your computer or mobile is the source of a browser. Internet users all around the world know that the thing they do in a browser is to visit a website or to have local links in them. In today's post smilar to this topic A free browser download have been brought for you. Which is named Opera the faster browser with low costs. In this browsers you can get rest of the facilities which an internet user need to have. While keep these expressions in mind this browser is given to you as a recommendation if you accept it. However, If you have not used this browser before. Then you must use it once in order to find something special for your better use of internet.

Here I'm explaining 5 special features of it.

1. Tabs and Windows
It is the first feature in this browser. Which do create new Tabs and can close the rest of opened Tabs in a time. Even It provides you to create the private browsing tab in it. In other section of it you can make new window and new privat window also.
To create new Tab press (Ctrl+T)
To create new window press (Ctrl+N)
To create new private window press (Ctrl+Shift+N)
To close any tab right from there press (Ctrl+W)

2. Address Bar
 It is the place where the websites are added to visit or the opened pages links and local pages links are in it. Its just not all I say, There many other things can also be done by the advanced users of the internet. Some the shortcut usages of it are added below.
To copy the link/website from the Address Bar press (Ctrl+C)
To cut the link/website press (Ctrl+X)
To Paste the link/website press (Ctrl+V)
To Select the link/website press (Ctrl+A)
To undo task in it press (Ctrl+Z)

It is the place in which you can save your interested websites/pages. It saves your websites for other time use, if you needed them in any case.

4. History:
If you've not bookmarked your interested websites. Then It does'nt mean that you've lost your visited websites. Because, Though you've one and last way to get back those websites/pages which you had visited before from the history section. It saves at least those websites/pages which were opened in this browser before a month. If they had not been deleted/removed in any case. Or else you can't get them back.
Tip to reach the history directly please press (Ctrl+Shift+H)

It gives you a way to check your downloads. If they're in progress or downloaded. But though you can check them and can redownload any file again. It gives you the way to download the files right from your browser with no need of any other file downloader software.
Tip to find it in your Opera Browser to press (Ctrl+J)

 Please click on the below Image  to download Opera:

Click Here to Download Opera

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