Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Turn off Facebook Notification Sound with Easy Steps

Facebeen has been the regular thing for the people around world to use. It is one of the most used social network on the web. The teen agers are specially using it very much and most of them are connected with their friends by the use of it with various smart phones. It is absolutely important for the people who've got habits of using this. Now they can not escape their selves from the use of this. As all of us know that the Facebook is being famous in group of social networks. Facebook updates many features in its interface after a short period of time. 

Thus, It has brought one another feature for all of its users. Which is Sound Notification, When there becomes a new notification on your Facebook profile at that time a sound beeps to attend you that you've a new notification from the Facebook. But while attending us it makes us feel bad. It is good to beep when we receive a chat message, But with the every notification can get irritating. You don't need to worry about this, Because we've the way of turning it off. It is very easy and simple to set it, with a few steps and get rid from it and use Facebook in a peace atmosphere.

Just follow the below steps and get this feature don't happen again, which made you feel bad.

  • Step#1: From the top right corner of Facebook bar click on gear to drop it down and select Account settings.

  • Step#2: After the selection of settings another page will appear, from this page just click on the notifications which is shown on the left side bottom of Account Settings page.

  • Step#3:
  • Now after clicking on the Notifications, You will see "On Facebook" just click on view option of this and let it to be opened.

  • Step#4: Now at the last step all you need to do is to Untick the given box as mentioned in the below image, Where something like this is asked "Play a sound when each new notification is received." Once you Untick it then just click on "Save Changes" and you're done.

     Congratulation You've turned off the Feature of Notifying you by sound for each notification you got. Just It was easy to manage it, But some of us were not aware from this, by this article I hope they got the point of setting up this feature. If you've any question related to this post or blog and want to suggest us then comment it in below section.
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    Thursday, March 28, 2013

    The Best Tips and Tricks for Blogger

    When we come to enter in the world of blogs. A number of question are to be raised. During the start time of a blogger some question are found in their minds which could be the one of followings. (Which Platform should I use to blog, Is Blogger simple for bloging, Is WordPress not good to blog because of its rest widgets, Is blogger good because of being owned by Google, Would blogger help me to explore something I like to do).

    The Best Tips and Tricks For Blogger

    If any of these question are raised in your mind and want to make them clear completely, Then You're on the right path to do so. I my self use blogger to blog on. The time since I'm using it. I've not ever found any problem during the process of my blogging.The most liked and Interesting thing to blogger is that It is owned by Google (A search engine). Which is known by every Internet user around the whole world. If you're a developer then you must know about the various products of Google which are used for the different purposes according to their niche.

    As you know about one thing that the way by which we find our needed information is the source of Google search. When we search on Google for something which we want to get, after the search a rest of Websites come in the shape of results. In which you find different kind of websites related to your need. Thus, If a blogger's blog relates to the searched word, will also be brought to the search results with a favor of Google. Why does Google favor to blogger blogs. Because Blogger is owned by Google. Because of this Google favor to its blogs. If you've joined the "Webmaster Tools" (A way to index websites/blogs to Google search) is also owned by Google. Where Google adds your Blog to the "Webmaster Tools" without any asking. That's the favor of Google to your blog. Similarly Google has many Products, which are free to use specially for a blogger. If you need them then don't forget to join all of those from now and get benefited from each of them. Some of blogger features are followed below:

  • First look is the Last look.

  • The blogs which are having a good template with a good interface. Which could attract the visitors to visit them back. Don't think that the contents you've are everything for your blog, Because contents have its own place. But design is an other important fact between visiting interest. If your blog's template won the interest of visitors to visit you again then the chances of traffic will be increased. If you've started blogger newly and have no templates to install in it then don't wait, Just visit and search for templates. You'll probably get a huge number templates from there. Now chose your favourite template according to your blog niche. When you got any favourite template then simply download it and install it in your blog from the template section. After installation make the enough customization to it and you're done at all. It was my own opinion to you I hope this method will help you to get your goal.

  • Quality of Content is Worthy:

  • The main reason for having a huge number of visitors is to write worthy and needy content according to your blog niche. If you're blog is related to Internet then you'll need to write articles such as; Make Money Online, How to create accounts online, How to blog on etc. Any of these topics should be explained on you're blog if you provide Internet facilities. Thus, Every blog relates to its concerned topic.

  • Reply to Comments:

  • The visitors who come to visit your blog and may some of them want to ask something from you, Which could relate to your blog. Similarly If someone has commented on your blog then don't forget to answer them fast. Because If you answer them It means you're encouraging them to visit your blog again in the future. Once you started answering to the commentators, Thus the chances of more visitors will be increased. You must consider on one thing more that the answer you gave, must be related to the question which would be asked in the comment section.

  • Respect the visitors and readers:
  • The thing which brings a person from earth to sky is the respect for others. All of us may listen the words of respect from our elders as they advise us about it most often. With the advice they also mention various topics in that discussion to make us able to understand the importance of respect for someone. So it is not a difficult thing, For what I could explain it. Just follow the rules you've for readers and visitors to respect. Don't ever use informal language to abuse someone Which can decrease the interest of visitors to come visit you again.

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    Monday, March 25, 2013

    The Best Tips and Tricks for Facebook

    Now-a-days social networks on Internet are being so Important to use. A huge number of people do spend their time on these around the world. Most of them use to explore and teach something to those who are beginner in this field. In other words I would like to say that the world has different things and happenings as well.

    Tips and Tricks for your Facebook use

    Thus, The most of People come to use Social Networks to have joys & for learning. You may be associated with one of these above lines on Social Networks (Such as; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc). If so then That's right path to explore something for you on Facebook.

    There are a lot of things on Facebook for you, But some of them are explained below.

  • Status Update:

  • What is Status Update on Facebook this question may be raised in your mind most often. Though you don't know it. Then listen, It is just a source of message on Facebook to give it your friends and family members everyday. All the users of Facebook has different times to Update their status. If you want to be an experienced person in it.

    Then Just Do rules for your Status Update. I meant that make a time and a short period for it. Because when you Update it daily with some good words.
    Thus, don't stop your Update on it and do it on daily basis. That will be nice thing to your Profile experience.

  • Upload Photos/Videos:
    The things which make Facebook more interesting is the upload of your data to your profile. A person who has a many photos uploaded on his/her Facebook account will be so much beautiful and valuable to take a look on it. If you upload your every photo you took at a good spot then the points of values will be increased and It catches the eyes of your friends so fast to your profile. Similarly, You'll get importance in the group of your friends.
  • Album to Photos:

  • This amazing feature makes your experience better to upload photos. Once If you went to a tour/visit with a group or with your friends and took a number of photos there with your group or friends. Thus, You would probably like to upload those photos on Facebook to grow your presence on Facebook. In this field of uploads You will need to make an "Album Photo" for your photos which you want to upload on Facebook at a one place. Give that Album a name according to your tour/visit in order to let your friends find those photos of you easily. When you've more than 5 photos to upload on Facebook than don't forget to give them an "Album" otherwise you'll lose your experience on Facebook.

  • Wall:

  • The place where every task is to be shown, Which you did on Facebook. It allows you to have a look on those tasks, Which you did at all the day. It has some rules and privacy policies to let you control over it. The data which is shown on it, you can make a privacy for it in order to hide them from those people with whom you don't want it to be shared. It is the place where your likes, shares, photos, tags, comments and many more tasks are to be shown/displayed to your friends, you've. However, You've privacies to hide each thing from your Wall in order to don't let your friends to see them.

    How to find Friends on Facebook:

    As the use of Facebook is being famous quickly, most of our Friends are making their accounts on Facebook and joining it gradually. You may have found a person in your friends who had not touched Internet ever because of not having interest. But when the term of Facebook comes every that person come to use Internet who had not liked it ever.
    As the use of Facebook is becoming famous among the groups of friends. The person who had not used Internet ever. But Now They're getting involved into use of Facebook. So the Question is that How to find them on Facebook.

    Listen the Answer, It is as easy as you use to chat on Facebook. Before to find friends on Facebook you must have following contacts of them.

    1: Mobile No or Email
    2: UserName

    1:Mobile No or Email
    If you've any of these contacts of the person whom you want to find on Facebook then you'll find him/her very easily. If you've Mobile or Email contact to find your friend. Just go to the Find Friend Facebook page or click here to redirect and put the Mobile No or Email in the given box and hit on the search. After that your friend's name will appear, Now click to Add him/her as Friend and your friend request would be sent. After approval of request you would be friend with that person whom you had requested.

    2: UserName
    If you've Username of that person, whom you want to find on Facebook. Username would be like this example ( Now copy the Username and write it in the Address Bar of your browser and click to enter in it. Now you'll be redirected to that page of your friend and Add him/her as a Friend. You're done.

    Final Words:
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    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    About Me


    About Me

       Something About My Self

    Hey Everyone! The Guy behind this blog is called "Samandar Khan Nichari", I've been working on this blog since last 2 years and having a deep interest on sharing softwares and exploring logics related to techinical world on the blogs I control.I'm 16 years old and Currently, living in Quetta, Pakistan. I can speak a few languages concerned the place where I live. Which are English, Urdu, Sindhi, Birahui and Balochi. Actually I belong to Baloch tribe and that's what I speak Balochi and Birahui languages. By profession I'm a student, However, I've a good knowledge concerning Blogging, Writing Articles, Computing, SEO, Web Designing and many things related to Internet world. I would like to mention one thing more about my self that, When anything comes on my mind and if I don't know about it, I don't let it go. I try for it again and again, and work hard to get it and don't stop this act until I've not got it. I learnt about this technical world from my Teachers, Internet and Books and I started my own work on the Internet platform and so on.

    My Objectives
    The Guy who started his steps from the day. When He opened a page using a cheap mobile phone and since then he is working to make him self more good than what he wanted to be. I've a rule for my self on what I work is that, Anything I know about the Internet world I don't keep it hidden. Because I'm the person who wants to share everything whatever comes on his mind.

    I've a good knowledge on these followed courses. You can even ask me about any of these If you don't know, and also let me know what explanations do you want to get  in my future post.
    • Blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Typed)
    • Making Money Online  (Adsense, Affiliate, PPC, PTC, PPD, Freelancing)
    • Graphics Designing (Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, Inpage)
    • Office Automation (Word, Excel, Power Point)
    • Writing (Articles, Presentations, Corrections, Translations) 
    • Google Adwords (Google network to advertise your product on the web)
    • Google Adsense (Google Network to earn money with website)
    • Google Webmaster (Google tool for crawling & indexing your website)
    • Google Feedburner (Google tool for syndicating your content)
    • Google Analytics (Google tool for collecting your site's statistical data)
    • Blogger ( A web blog platform for free blogs)
    • WordPress ( A platform for making PHP based website and blogs)
    • Transferring from WordPress to Blogger 
    • Transferring Blogger to WordPress
    • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Linkedin)
    • Linux (basic to Advance)
    • Affiliat Marketing (ClickBank, Amazon, linkshare)
    • Web Designing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    The Idea of this Blog?
    When I had needed a software the most and without that my work was not able to be done. I went to the market to buy that software, But unfortunately the software I wanted to buy was not available and felt so bad. Thus, I thought that why not there should be a blog to provide free software downloads and everything which people need to get in free of cost. That's what I intended to create a blog/website where every software should be free of download.
    I've been bloging for last 2 years. The platforms which are famous for all newbies and experts are named and These both platforms are very useful to blog. I also use both of these and have found many useful things in them; such as widgets,easy to customize and friendly user interface. Which could be important for a blogger. After using and struggling for these Now I've a great knowledge about both of providers. But though I'm in the progress of my learnings and want to achieve that everything which come to me.
          My websites
    Mostly I'm running two web blogs. Which are having a good number of organic traffic from the search engines. The Blogs I run mostly  are listed below. You can take a look on them to see how have they been made.

    Where can I be found?
    You can be connected with me for every post, I publish on this blog. It is easy to contact me for anything related to this blog or anything you want to ask about.  Feel free to contact us on Following Social networks. You can even follow me on all the major social networks. 

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    Contact Me

       First of all, I would like to say thanks to all of you that you people visited my blog. I'm here on this blog to help you what you need from the world of  Softwares, Programmes, Computing and Internet tricks with free of cost. I've been working online since last 2 years. Thus,since I've started this blog just I'm sharing the free softwares downloads and Tips & Tricks on various topics.

    Therefore, If you've any question or want to get any software or help from me on this blog, Which is not available on my blog yet. Then feel free to ask me about that and I'll try to answer you as soon as possible. If you've any question related to what I post on my blog. Just below that a comment section is available to response you for anything you want to ask about. Do use of comments and I'll try to reply you as soon as time allows me.

    A few ways are added to contact me!

    There are some ways to contact me for any issue related to this blog or anything you need to know. If you want more softwares with free of download then keep visiting us. Bacause we've many things to share with you all. If you want to get updated for every post which are published here then just follow us on following below networks. 

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    How to Open Youtube and Unblock Websites Access in Pakistan

    The restriction to major sites is becoming the famous trend for the  concerned government
     around the world. In Pakistan this kind of problems also raised and affected the whole web world for the users.  

    As you know YouTube is blocked in Pakistan by PTA (Pakistan Telecommnicatiom Authority) due to religion violation. Thus, The Govt of Pakistan has raised this issue to the international level to be solved. But It has not been solved yet. Where they have reported to remove the Anti-Islam materials from the YouTube. Youtube will not be opened in Pakistan until those materials are not removed. But I'm here to explain some ways to open Youtube in Pakistan only for the Educational purpose. If you want to open Youtube in Pakistan then by following ways you will do it easily.

     In these days since YouTube is blocked everyone is searching for different ways to open YouTube/Restricted websites in their region. Similarly In the Educational Institutions, This kind of websites (Such as, Facebook, Youtube etc) are to be blocked by the concerned authority due to their privacy. You may have found such kind of restriction in School, College, University and Office also. The people who block websites have alot of knowledge concerning the other fact. They also keep consider that how to keep this restriction more strong, which no one may break. Though the experts are experts, who break the all restrictions and open the websites. When they're succeed in this task, they also provide you the same facility to open the restricted websites at anywhere in the world.

    Therefore, In today's post some of the major methods are highlighted to show the ways by which you can open any restricted websites anywhere in the world. Specially this article will be helpful for the students, As they know most of the Educational Institutions have blocked the such kind of websites (Youtube, Facebook etc) in order to push students toward the importance of time.
    Here I've explained some best ways to Access any restricted website around the Internet.

  • Access websites by Proxy sites

  • In this way, You'll be able to watch videos download only. But with a limit. If you need to open a restricted website urgently then this way would be helpful for you to open any blocked website at anywhere, you want it. If you've decided to open websites by this method then simply visit the following websites and have a look on them in order open restricted/blocked website in your PCs. Here I've mentioned some Best worked websites to open blocked sites anywhere in the world. Check out these websites.,,

    Once you've visited any of these SSL websites then simply enter the website which you want to open, inside the given search bar and hit on the search and then you'll see the entered website opened in your browser and enjoy the fun.

  • HotSpot Shield

  • In this method you can access to the blocked/restricted websites. It is a software which is provided for free of use. It has many features to provide you including maximum download speed. It provides you to select the concerned country in order to work anonymously around the glob without any forbidden.

    If you want to do so then simply visit the following link '' and download the software (free). When you've downloaded this software then install it. When the installation is completed, enable the software and go to visit any blocked website right from your browser. It also provides you to get logged in with your Account with the website you want.  

    A direct link is added below to help you download Hotspot Shield direct in your PC without going to the official website. Just click on the download link and get it started.

    Click Here to Download Hotspot Shield

  • How to upload videos on Youtube with Spotflux

  • The method by which you can use to upload your Youtube videos. It has a good and quite well speed of uploading and don't let you get any problem in the progress of uploading videos on. One thing more I would like to say that please don't download any video while using this method, Because it reduces your Internet speed 3 time than your original Internet speed. 

    Now If you want to use it then simply logon to'' and download the software from there, which is named Spotflux. Once you downloaded this then Install it in your PCs system. After installation of the software enable it and start your videos uploading on Youtube fast and safe.

    You can even download SpotFlux from the following link directly. After you've clicked on the below link, your download for this software will be started.

    Click Here to Download SpotFlux

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    Sunday, March 17, 2013

    How to Delete/Deactivate a Twitter account Permanently

    The use of twitter makes some people get bore to be on. While some have issues with their twitter accounts and want them to be deleted forever. As we know on the social networks teen agers are now reputed to use these. 

    Twitter is the place and the way by which the most of People use to connect their selves with friends and loved ones around the world. It also keep them to be connected with the people, they want and get informed about every matter which is shared by their following lists. In some cases they find troubles to connect with friends from their old Twitter accounts. Thus, They want to delete those accounts in order to make new ones. As they come to use it, as the problems also come to react with them. At least most of them, decide to leave it and want their selves to be in normal life.

    Even some people have made several accounts and want to get rid from the extra accounts. But all of the issues are not same at all. That's why everyone has their own sayings to delete concerned Twitter Accounts. Therefore, In today's post I've mentioned same topic to be solved. That how to delete a Twitter Account.

    Now let me tell you how to do it.

    Well, It is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the following steps.


  • 1. First of All Go to website and get logged in. 

  • 2. Now go to Settings menu. Which is existed in the top drop down menu of twitter. Click on it and you'll see a list of options. Just select the settings and go into it. As It is shown in the below picture. 

  • 2nd Step

  • 3. When you've visited the 'Settings' menu page. After it Now another page will be opened. Simply go at the end of it and you'll see 'Deactivate' option. Click on it and you're done. 

  • 3rd Step

    Important Note:

    When you've applied for Twitter account to be deleted, While deactivating it.
    Once you applied for it. It will take up to 30 days in the approval of deletion. After you applied it. You should not log into it. Otherwise It will be reactivated.

    You should know about a thing that When you're account is deleted, you'll never be able to access with it. Even can not make the same Username again by any email ID whether that is the old one or new one.

    Final Words:
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    FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    How to Get 500+ Followers on Twitter in a day

    The social networks are being used the most now-a-days. The way by which you're connected with friends and loved ones on Internet is just the use of Social Network. As people consider the person who have higher reputation on social networks will also be highlighted in the group of his/her friends in a respected look. The need of having Followers/Likes/Subscribers on social networks is also being the most thinking matter for the People.

    Free 500+ Twitter Followers

    Thus, They search and try to find the ways to grow the social presence. Most of them get success in this seek. But unfortunately some of them remain unaware from the real ways to get reputation on Social Networks, Such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

    Therefore, In today's post. I've brought the real way for you all to increase your Twitter Follower fast and free. If you need Twitter Followers then keep your reading continue. The ways I'm gonna share with you are very easy and useful to get purpose of Twitter Followers.

    Increase Twitter Followers Rapidly

    Now Let me to explain the ways to increase your Twitter Followers over 500 in a day.

    Well, The ways I'm gonna share with you are worthy and free to use. All you need to do to get Free Twitter Followers is to follow Below steps. Before this you must have a Twitter Account. Your Twitter account must be activated  on the "Protect Tweets" feature, Right from the Twitter account settings. Which is easy to keep your Twitter Account in a safe position. If you've not activated this then please do it first. If you want help then see this post.

    Follow the Instruction to get 500+ Twitter Followers

  • 1.First of all Log in to your Twitter account.

  • 2. When you've logged in to your Twitter account. Then simply go to visit the each of following websites.


  • 3. When you've visited these websites. Simply sign in with your Twitter Account from each of these websites.

  • 4. In the process of signing in, You'll be redirected to the Twitter. You'll need to authorize or sign in with your Twitter
  • account right from that page, where you were redirected.

  • 5. After you've authorized that website with your Twitter account. Then you'll get 100+ followers for each sign in with the
  • concerned websites.

                  When you've signed in to your Twitter account with any of these websites. Then you can not sign in again until 4 hours. But though you can sign in with these websites again and again after each 4 hours. You'll also get 100+ followers for each sign in with the period of 4 hours.

    Why to Sign in with these websites?
    The main reason to Sign in with these websites is that, They will leave a tweet on your account with ads of their developers. Once they tweet on the account then the huge number of followers will be started rapidly. When all the followers follow you then go to "Followers Request" menu and approve the followers to your Twitter Account.
    I want to give you more similar website as aboves.

    Now gain more and more followers than 500 and surprise your friends by this feature. It is being used around the world by most of the people. It is more easy to get the followers than what you thought, Because you can even get free 100+ Twitter Followers right from your Mobile phone. So don't let this easy way to be away. Do the Best number of sign ins with these Twitter Follower providers and reach on the unexpected position of Followers.

    If you've found this post as useful regarding the topic. Then do favor to Join us on following networks: 

    Find us on Facebook

    and Also Add us on Google+.

    If you have any question related to topic. You may ask that to us without any hesitation. We'll answer you as  soon as time allows. 

    Friday, March 15, 2013

    How to Private/Protect your Twitter Account

    The need to hide updates from public is being one of the most important thing to the people who use Twitter. It just not keep your updates hidden from the people with whom you're not connected on Twitter. But even It does an other major work over your Twitter Account, Which Is 'Protect'. 


    If something seems to be harmful to your Twitter account, then that will be prevented to react with your Twitter Account by twitter 'Protects' feature. When you've enabled this feature. You'll need not worry about auto bots, malware and spyware agents. Because once you've activated this feature. It protects  your Twitter account  over all the parts of it, such as; Tweets, Direct Messages etc.

    Now Let me to tell you, how to do it?

  • 1. First of all Please go to the and sign in with your twitter account, you've.

  • 2. Now Click on the Settings at the top right menu and after that click on Account in the top left menu. 

  • 3. Now you would probably see 'Protect My Updates' toward the bottom of the page.

  • 4. Please tick on "Protect my Tweets" and then Click to save it.

    What after this?

  •  Once you've activated this. You'll need to approve each follower who would follow you in the future .
    The people whom you approve, They will be able to check your tweets, follower and following lists. When you've activated the 'Protect Tweets' . You'll receive emails for each of the users who request to follow you on Twitter. So you'll easily approve them and get them as a follower.

     If your having any question related to topic, then feel free to write it in the comment section and let me know. We'll try to solve your problem concerning the topic.

    Thursday, March 14, 2013

    The Top 5 Best tricks for Mozilla Firefox with Free Download

    The many of major browsers, Like Mozilla Firefox has adopted synchronization useful feature to make browsing more fun. With the use of synchronization you can get back those all things which you surfed on your browser, like Usernames, Passwords, Websites, Pages and Bookmarked sites will be left in synchronization.

    Mozilla Firefox

    It also has the feature to make your browsing experience more good and fast. It is easy to use the internet fast and with fun. When we've turned on the tabbing feature in any of the browser. Web developers know very well that the use of quick browsing keeps the effective impress on browser tasks. Even with the use of Firefox You can organize tabs into the customizable groups using the procedure of Panorama feature and do the redo function. If you've have closed them without sure.

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  • "The Best Tips for Google Chrome and Free Downlaod it"

    Firefox has been working and providing various facilities to its users. One of the most liked feature from it for advance and experts is the use of Extensions. Which you might listened before. By the use of Extension Features expert and advanced users do their extra task easily. With the help of Extensions the most of the users are doing impossible works in possibility shapes. The thing which a user need to have to perform the extra work in the browser, is the extension feature. That's why the extensions are being important day-by-day on some rules. Mozilla Firefox is being famous because its easy, fast and powerful web browser. Its liked by many users around the Internet due to having changes in its extensions and themes.  

    Here I'm going to explain the 5 best things about the browser Firefox:

    Firefox Background

  • Adblock Plus:

  • The adblock Plus extension is made to allow you, how would you like to react with the pages and websites which are having various Advertisements or Ads on them. While not leaving advertises It also does not allow any pop-up to come on the pages, you're visiting. During the surfing on the web if you had any extra problem with the ads, then that would be solved by Adblock (an extension of Firefox) without giving you any trouble on the way of surfing. If it did not do the work, you had. In this case even you can go to the extension section in order to make its costumizations correct.

  • You may also like to read 4 Best things about the browser Safari with the Free Download

  • Extended Copy Menu:

  • With the use of Extended Copy Menu allows you to have a feature for the text which are found in browser from any page, can be copied very easily with the use of this extension. When you would be using this on that you'll not ever need to do anything instead of this software. The text which you copy by extended copy menu extension can be used in some application like Word or OpenOffice. 

  • One-Click to Bookmark:

  • Firefox has many features, But one of most interested thing is to bookmark the valuable links or websites. This feature is also added in other major Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. It is so easy to be used in Firefox. When you've opened a website or link in Firefox. In the address bar you can see a link kept in it. If you want to book mark it then simply click on the star icon (existed to the right corner of address bar). Once you clicked on it your link from the address will be saved into the Bookmarks section. The link you added in Bookmark will not be in any specified Group or Folder yet. If you want that link to be in a specified Group. Just once again click on the star icon. A pop-up will be appeared. In the pop-up section make a folder and save the Bookmarked link in it.

  • Tag and Quick Access to BookMarks:

  • This tool comes to make the use of websites from Bookmarks more easy to use and access to your concerned websites without going to the Bookmark section. Actually this feature works by the use of tags. Which you give to your links from the Bookmarks. To do it, simply go to the 'Bookmarks' menu and select 'Organize Bookmarks'. In this section all you need to do is to add a tag to those bookmarks with what you want easy access.When you've added tags to your sites from 'Bookmarks', such as 'NEWS', 'Weather' etc. Then type your tag into the Address bar and get benefits of it.

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  • Shrink Icons in Firefox:

  • You may see a line of icons existed at the top side of your Firefox. Sometime It seems to be attractive when It is in small icon. Basically this part of a browser is called as "ToolBars". Its easy to access with the websites we visit daily or most of the time.To change it, Simply go to the 'View' menu, and select the 'Toolbars', hit on the 'Customize' option and then select the 'Use Small Icons' from the given box. If you want "Toolbars" to don't be appear. Just simply go to the 'View' menu, select the 'Toolbars', hit on the 'Customize' option, then a pop-up will appear, from the left down corner of that pop-up select the 'Text' option and tick on done.
    How to download it?A link has been added below to download the browser Firefox direct in your system. The provided link is a short and direct link from the concerned website of the file. You can download it easily by clicking on the below link.

    Click Here to Download Mozilla Firefox


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