Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Download Safari and 4 Things You need to know about it

As you know before it we have discussed tips and tricks regarding Opera Browser and Google Chrome  and have explained them with a new interface in this year. With this article I've brought another most used internet browser for all of you. Which is provided by Apple and named SAFARI, Which name you may have listened before it. 

Safari Browser's Logo

This browser is provided by Apple (A technology Company around the world). It has many users from MAC, Ipad, Ipad mini and Ipod touch technology. Because these all technologies are also served by Apple most widely in the world. If you come to ask me about this, that how is it for me? Then I'll just reply you that, this browser has many features and none of other browsers can compete with it in the feature programmes. I've used most of the major browsers in the time but I've not ever found such kind of features in any of them 
except Safari. I'm not saying something else. Just I'm saying you the truth which I found in this browser really.In this browser many feature are added. But some of them are explained below. Which I've highlighted below.

Screen shot of Safari Browser

  • Send a Link via Email:

  • This feature is one of the best feature provided by Safari. This shortcut is very easy to use and all you need to do is to, hit Command-CTRL-I after you've done this. Then an other place on default application will be opened for email. It will get another page to be appeared, for further help check its help section.  

  • SnapBack Feature:

  • If you've visited rest of the websites or pages on various tab and have gone ahead by checking them. Now on that time if you had a great thing in previous pages and want to get that once again. If you didn't find any other way to get those websites once again. For this purpose SnapBack feature is very useful to find your previous website and pages once again. All you need to do is to, go to History then proceed to Mark Page so you set the targeted or particular SnapBack point. In this way you can easily return back to that by hitting the button in the address bar.

  • Easy Book Marks Manager:

  •  As you know when you visit several websites at a time. Most of them you may ignore. But some of them you may like to save in a safe place to have them for future use. Thus, this feature will help you in this kind of need and will save your all those websites and pages in a safe place. which you want to visit again. In this feature you can also group them in different folders. So that is easy to find the exact website in the exact group right on the time when you need to visit them again in anytime. 

  • Tabbed Browsing:

  • This valuable feature has also been added in Safari Browser. As you when you've opened a website or page in this browser and don't want to close them to open other websites and pages on that time. In this matter you'll need to open an other tab. By the default tab feature is not turned on. All you need to do to turn on tab feature. Just hit Command+T to have opened a new tab. To open a website or page in a new tab. Just simply Command+Click on a URL that you want to open in a new.

    How to download it?

    A short link has been added below to allow you have downloaded this software in your browser without any problem for searching here and there. All you need to do is to click on the below image or link to download Safari Browser in your computer system right now.

    Click Here to download Safari Browser

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