Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Private/Protect your Twitter Account

The need to hide updates from public is being one of the most important thing to the people who use Twitter. It just not keep your updates hidden from the people with whom you're not connected on Twitter. But even It does an other major work over your Twitter Account, Which Is 'Protect'. 


If something seems to be harmful to your Twitter account, then that will be prevented to react with your Twitter Account by twitter 'Protects' feature. When you've enabled this feature. You'll need not worry about auto bots, malware and spyware agents. Because once you've activated this feature. It protects  your Twitter account  over all the parts of it, such as; Tweets, Direct Messages etc.

Now Let me to tell you, how to do it?

  • 1. First of all Please go to the and sign in with your twitter account, you've.

  • 2. Now Click on the Settings at the top right menu and after that click on Account in the top left menu. 

  • 3. Now you would probably see 'Protect My Updates' toward the bottom of the page.

  • 4. Please tick on "Protect my Tweets" and then Click to save it.

    What after this?

  •  Once you've activated this. You'll need to approve each follower who would follow you in the future .
    The people whom you approve, They will be able to check your tweets, follower and following lists. When you've activated the 'Protect Tweets' . You'll receive emails for each of the users who request to follow you on Twitter. So you'll easily approve them and get them as a follower.

     If your having any question related to topic, then feel free to write it in the comment section and let me know. We'll try to solve your problem concerning the topic.

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