Friday, May 23, 2014

Most Popular Top 5 Browsers for Internet Users

The use of web browsers is being enhanced with the number of users in a multiplied shape that is because Internet users are really looking to find an appropriate browser for their browsing style in a unique way with ease of use.

You may know that any browser having its unique features can win the heart of users just by providing them some special/important features which is not existed already in any other browser, This means a famous browser can't convince users without providing them anything unique.

Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Optimize Blog Labels, Archives and Comments in Blogger for SEO ranking

The Search-Engines like Google are on the fast way to detect anything existed in a site that is having something non-appropriate to be indexed, in this case the only page doesn't face the problems, But the whole site gets added in the black list of sites.

Therefore, Before you come to enter in the Online World with your work that you like to do, in this state of interest you've to be adjusted withing the rules made by search-engines which may bring you success in every step you take there by.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Optimize Post Titles and Headings in Blogger for Better Search-Results

The importance for coding is something you really love to do, In which sometime we interact with Robots.txt file and on the other hand we do some SEO in order to achieve the goals we've intended for.

However, In the article I've brought a very important thing from the world of SEO that is setting up"Post Titles and Headings" in the appropriate way to prevent low rank in search results.

How to Enable Blog and Each Post Meta Description in Blogger for High Ranks

I know you were probably looking for the ways to optimize your website/blog in the terms of SEO since a time. Making a positive decision about what you do, always goes forward in all ways you opted out.

Therefore, In the article I've brought one of most essential things for bloggers to apply for optimizing their sites/blogs in SEO, You know having something on hands is better than nothing So Don't let it go just apply it today. 

How to enable Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger for Better SEO

In the modern era every On-Line particle is getting hard to confront, as well as the online stakeholders like Search-Engines in which specially Google is going more forward while letting others so far behind in the terms of service providing. 

This Point can't be ignored that Google is providing much facilities to the users in an equal way, Mean to equal is that there is no grade given to each user separately. We know Blogger is also one of products of Google, Thus in today's post I'll mention something concerning Blogger.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Create Custom Robots.txt File in Advance SEO For Blogger

Basically, The work we do in this is to make a structure (according to your desire) and put it into your blog thus the structure will tell the crawlers, how to index my contents over the Search-Engines.

Actually, In the article you'll be able to learn the Robots.txt file usage in the fully understandable manner that works for your blog in the terms of crawlers and indexation. The particles we prevent to be indexed can be the followings such as (Labels, Archives and other Temporary links).

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Google SEO EBook for Better Search Results Customization in 2013

The time is being passed on its way to future with the time things are also adopting new shapes in variety of manners as well as the Online World is getting into the deep of imaginations that can't be understood by an individual at a time.

In the article an EBook is brought to you by me from the Google updates for this time, That you can read to make customizations in SEO to get better results in terms of organic traffic.


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