Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Create Custom Robots.txt File in Advance SEO For Blogger

Basically, The work we do in this is to make a structure (according to your desire) and put it into your blog thus the structure will tell the crawlers, how to index my contents over the Search-Engines.

Actually, In the article you'll be able to learn the Robots.txt file usage in the fully understandable manner that works for your blog in the terms of crawlers and indexation. The particles we prevent to be indexed can be the followings such as (Labels, Archives and other Temporary links).

Why to Prevent Archives and Labels from indexation?

The reason behind this stands is the cause of getting low importance in case of Search-Engines, If you were allowing temporary contents to the (SE) will get you down in the terms of rank in search results. The Robots.txt files can work in any way that you're having needs of. Mean to this is to keep your structure in the way you want it.

For instance, If you don't want crawlers to index a part of your website/blog, You can do so while making the appropriate structure for the blog. However, In my tutorial I've made an appropriate and normal Robots file that is used by many individuals, But you can also bring changing in it according to your desire if you know the HTML fundamentals.

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Note: There shouldn't be made any alterations in the Robots.txt file in case of having no enough experience.

How to put Robots.txt file inside of blog
  • First of all visit and login to your account
  • Select the blog you want to put the code
  • Now Just scroll down and Select Search-Preferences
  • Click on the "Robots.txt" where a box will be opened
  • Copy the Below code and insert it into the box
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


  • Change "" according to your website URL
Congratulation! You've done the process

In the article we've done the whole process of adding a Robots.txt file into blogger blog. It was one important thing for many bloggers that's why I thought to deliver it here by posting. If you're having any difficulty while adding the code or something else, You can ask it here by commenting!

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