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The Top 5 Best tricks for Mozilla Firefox with Free Download

The many of major browsers, Like Mozilla Firefox has adopted synchronization useful feature to make browsing more fun. With the use of synchronization you can get back those all things which you surfed on your browser, like Usernames, Passwords, Websites, Pages and Bookmarked sites will be left in synchronization.

Mozilla Firefox

It also has the feature to make your browsing experience more good and fast. It is easy to use the internet fast and with fun. When we've turned on the tabbing feature in any of the browser. Web developers know very well that the use of quick browsing keeps the effective impress on browser tasks. Even with the use of Firefox You can organize tabs into the customizable groups using the procedure of Panorama feature and do the redo function. If you've have closed them without sure.

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    Firefox has been working and providing various facilities to its users. One of the most liked feature from it for advance and experts is the use of Extensions. Which you might listened before. By the use of Extension Features expert and advanced users do their extra task easily. With the help of Extensions the most of the users are doing impossible works in possibility shapes. The thing which a user need to have to perform the extra work in the browser, is the extension feature. That's why the extensions are being important day-by-day on some rules. Mozilla Firefox is being famous because its easy, fast and powerful web browser. Its liked by many users around the Internet due to having changes in its extensions and themes.  

    Here I'm going to explain the 5 best things about the browser Firefox:

    Firefox Background

  • Adblock Plus:

  • The adblock Plus extension is made to allow you, how would you like to react with the pages and websites which are having various Advertisements or Ads on them. While not leaving advertises It also does not allow any pop-up to come on the pages, you're visiting. During the surfing on the web if you had any extra problem with the ads, then that would be solved by Adblock (an extension of Firefox) without giving you any trouble on the way of surfing. If it did not do the work, you had. In this case even you can go to the extension section in order to make its costumizations correct.

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  • Extended Copy Menu:

  • With the use of Extended Copy Menu allows you to have a feature for the text which are found in browser from any page, can be copied very easily with the use of this extension. When you would be using this on that you'll not ever need to do anything instead of this software. The text which you copy by extended copy menu extension can be used in some application like Word or OpenOffice. 

  • One-Click to Bookmark:

  • Firefox has many features, But one of most interested thing is to bookmark the valuable links or websites. This feature is also added in other major Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. It is so easy to be used in Firefox. When you've opened a website or link in Firefox. In the address bar you can see a link kept in it. If you want to book mark it then simply click on the star icon (existed to the right corner of address bar). Once you clicked on it your link from the address will be saved into the Bookmarks section. The link you added in Bookmark will not be in any specified Group or Folder yet. If you want that link to be in a specified Group. Just once again click on the star icon. A pop-up will be appeared. In the pop-up section make a folder and save the Bookmarked link in it.

  • Tag and Quick Access to BookMarks:

  • This tool comes to make the use of websites from Bookmarks more easy to use and access to your concerned websites without going to the Bookmark section. Actually this feature works by the use of tags. Which you give to your links from the Bookmarks. To do it, simply go to the 'Bookmarks' menu and select 'Organize Bookmarks'. In this section all you need to do is to add a tag to those bookmarks with what you want easy access.When you've added tags to your sites from 'Bookmarks', such as 'NEWS', 'Weather' etc. Then type your tag into the Address bar and get benefits of it.

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  • Shrink Icons in Firefox:

  • You may see a line of icons existed at the top side of your Firefox. Sometime It seems to be attractive when It is in small icon. Basically this part of a browser is called as "ToolBars". Its easy to access with the websites we visit daily or most of the time.To change it, Simply go to the 'View' menu, and select the 'Toolbars', hit on the 'Customize' option and then select the 'Use Small Icons' from the given box. If you want "Toolbars" to don't be appear. Just simply go to the 'View' menu, select the 'Toolbars', hit on the 'Customize' option, then a pop-up will appear, from the left down corner of that pop-up select the 'Text' option and tick on done.
    How to download it?A link has been added below to download the browser Firefox direct in your system. The provided link is a short and direct link from the concerned website of the file. You can download it easily by clicking on the below link.

    Click Here to Download Mozilla Firefox

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