How To Post HTML Code In Blogger Comments Form Using HTML Encoder

When someone want to ask a question or want to show something to the site owner by the use of comment forums. They need to use some web languages like HTML or Java script to make the question easily understandable but unfortunately Blogger comment section doesn't work at all.

That's why we need to convert/change/encode the code by the use of HTML Encoder. Thus, After changing the code we can comment it. Therefore, The Below Tool is made to help changing your HTML or any other characters to easy and simple text, which will not trouble you in the way of comment. The Tool also allows you to change any Adsense code into a simple text in order to add it anywhere you wish.

The Example are given below to let you use the Tool in a better way!

  • '<' becomes '&lt,'
  • ''' (Single quote) becomes '&#039,'
  • '"'<double quote) becomes '&quot,'
  • '&' becomes '&amp,'
  • '>' becomes '&gt,'

The HTML Encoder


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