Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Turn off Facebook Notification Sound with Easy Steps

Facebeen has been the regular thing for the people around world to use. It is one of the most used social network on the web. The teen agers are specially using it very much and most of them are connected with their friends by the use of it with various smart phones. It is absolutely important for the people who've got habits of using this. Now they can not escape their selves from the use of this. As all of us know that the Facebook is being famous in group of social networks. Facebook updates many features in its interface after a short period of time. 

Thus, It has brought one another feature for all of its users. Which is Sound Notification, When there becomes a new notification on your Facebook profile at that time a sound beeps to attend you that you've a new notification from the Facebook. But while attending us it makes us feel bad. It is good to beep when we receive a chat message, But with the every notification can get irritating. You don't need to worry about this, Because we've the way of turning it off. It is very easy and simple to set it, with a few steps and get rid from it and use Facebook in a peace atmosphere.

Just follow the below steps and get this feature don't happen again, which made you feel bad.

  • Step#1: From the top right corner of Facebook bar click on gear to drop it down and select Account settings.

  • Step#2: After the selection of settings another page will appear, from this page just click on the notifications which is shown on the left side bottom of Account Settings page.

  • Step#3:
  • Now after clicking on the Notifications, You will see "On Facebook" just click on view option of this and let it to be opened.

  • Step#4: Now at the last step all you need to do is to Untick the given box as mentioned in the below image, Where something like this is asked "Play a sound when each new notification is received." Once you Untick it then just click on "Save Changes" and you're done.

     Congratulation You've turned off the Feature of Notifying you by sound for each notification you got. Just It was easy to manage it, But some of us were not aware from this, by this article I hope they got the point of setting up this feature. If you've any question related to this post or blog and want to suggest us then comment it in below section.
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