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How to Enable Blog and Each Post Meta Description in Blogger for High Ranks

I know you were probably looking for the ways to optimize your website/blog in the terms of SEO since a time. Making a positive decision about what you do, always goes forward in all ways you opted out.

Therefore, In the article I've brought one of most essential things for bloggers to apply for optimizing their sites/blogs in SEO, You know having something on hands is better than nothing So Don't let it go just apply it today. 

Why to Apply For Meta Description?

As you know the each part of Search-Engine-Optimization is lucrative to be applied but often newbies are not aware of the importance of it. Thus, They don't apply it on their websites/blogs because of which each of them need to be down in terms of progress, will also face disappointments which becomes enough to make them give up the whole process. 

Therefore, in order to get rid from such problems you need to apply the following things within your blog by applying our whole series on your blog. You'll not ever be down in case of high Ranking within Search-Results.

 This is a Part of our Series on "Making Blog SEO Friendly"

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How to Enable Blog and Each Post Meta Description in Blogger for High Ranks
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How Meta Description Brings Traffic

Basically, It is the summary of your whole post you make. In which you need to highlight the special points of the article as well as that must be attractive in order to catch the attention of the users, for doing so first you need to read the whole article again and observe essential points in last add them in a paragraph which must be about 150/160 characters but not more than it. 

When someone search a topic while putting some words in the search bar, if the words are matching to your article Title or Meta description in this case your page will be brought on the first page of search engine, If you had applied the SEO then your page can also come at first line.

How to Set Up Meta Descriptions in Blog (Part 1) and Each Post (Part 2) Separately

Part 1:
  • First of all go to>>Login>>Select Blog>>Scroll down>> Select Search Preferences>>Enable Meta Tags (Description)
  • Now when you've enabled it there a box will appear in which you've to write at least 150 characters that must explain the whole niche of your blog.
  • After All Just Save it!
    • The First Part is accurately done
    Note: The First part was to enable Meta Description for whole Blog But in the next Part you'll enable Meta Description for Each post separately in a one process.

    Part 2:
    • First of all go to>>Login>>Select Blog>>Scroll down>>Select Template>>Edit HTML
    • Now Search For the <head> tag. Tip:(Press Ctrl+F)
    • Below <head> tag Just Copy and Paste the below code
    <b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;’>
    <meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ name=’description’/>

    • Congratulation! You've almost Done the Whole Process.
    The Final Words:

    I hope you're enjoying our this series on SEO, I know if you were aware of such ideas you were having accurate visitors per average. However, If any of you were far from these things then don't let this opportunity to go away while applying it. Now If you've anything to ask or want to share your opinions concerning the topic. Just do it here by commenting!

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