Friday, July 26, 2013

Create a free Contact form for your Blog/Website by Foxyform

As we're aware of that when whether a Website or Blog is covering a huge number of topics to share with its visitors or readers at that time people who liked or wanted to know more regarding the topics would like to interact with the administers to make the info more extended. 

Contact-Us Form 

In a state similar to this, being an administer you must make some spots over your website or blog to let everyone to share their views with you that may be from any sort of, will be easy to know the opinions of other ones concerning your online presence.

 However, In the article I've brought a particular thing for you for the same purpose and that is named "Contact Form" which is used as a contact source while letting visitors and readers to send their views to admin of a website or blog.

Why to have a "Contact Us" form in a Blog or Website?

It is a well known talk to the most of Web Developers and Designers as they know more about these particular parts of a website or blog. I'm here to say this as a source for visitors to contact a website owner about anything or any work they want in order to get the work done just by this easy and simple way that is say to be Contact form while on the other hand it is also said to be "Contact Us (Page)" but the purpose for what it is used is same in all cases and manners. I hope you've got the point, Therefore the main thing should be started now.

How to install this Contact us form?

1# First of all Visit

2# Having visited the site you'll see a form existed there

3# Just Tick the Options that you want to be added in the form from "Settings" section

4# In the "Advanced Settings" Just make the color of form similar to your blog, colors can be chosen from our Color Code Generator

5# Now the next section is for you to add your email address on which you want the messages of readers to be sent

6# At the last you should click on "Create Formular" and get the code of your contact form.

How to add Contact form code into Blogger Blog?

1# First of all visit

2# Now select the Blog that you want to add the "Contact Form"

3# Having the selected the blog now scroll down and select "Pages" and Create new one

4# Now in the HTML portion of the Page past the code that you made on foxyform website

Congratulation! You've done the process of adding a "Contact Form" in Blogger!

From the Conclusion:

I had found it one important thing for bloggers who were not aware of that How to create a contact us form for their blog. While keeping this point in mind I brought it to you. I hope you've been helped by this tutorial if you were not aware of such things. If you have anything to ask or want to share something same then do it here by commenting.

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