Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Add Facebook Like Box Sidebar Widget in Blogger Blogs

Becoming the largest Social Network on the web Facebook is being used by a huge number of users around the globe. Now the Facebook has ranked first (In Alexa) ranking. By which we can say that it is the most viewed site in the whole Online Web. Even according to a private research in the year of 2013 was claimed that Facebook is the only leading website which gets about 6 Million page views per minute.

Anyone (Who hasn't touched Internet ever) is aware of Facebook even He/She might not be aware of Google or others. Thus, The consideration of various products and companies are pointing out towards the Facebook to promote themselves. As you see the World Web Population (WWP) is growing up day by day in a great number of individuals.

Why to use Facebook Like Box on the side of your Blog?

This is definitely an easy thing to know, However the reality standing behind it is in so deep to understand. In the reality, For instance Now-a-days many people consider that a blog having an enough number of Likes in its fan page is greater than the blog that is not having enough Likes for its fan Page. 

If you're really providing Great Content on your blog is not the enough thing to make you popular. However, Having a great Fans on the FB Page is something that reminds people to visit you again.

Having understood the importance of widget don't miss this opportunity to give it a place on your blog and let visitors to know the popularity of your blog. For increasing Facebook Likes.

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How to Install the Widget on your Blog?

  • First of all visit

  • Now select the "Blog" you want

  • Just scroll down and select "Layout"

  • In this section select "Add a Gadget" from a sidebar of your Blog

  • Just copy the "below code" and insert it into the pop-up box

  • Now replace "SamandarKNichari" with your existing Page link

  • After all save it NOW!

  • Congratulation! You've done the process of adding the widget

  • Conclusion:

    It was shared just because to let you show the number of likes of your page to your visitors and readers as well as get likes there by. If you were little bit helped by this then do Like our Fan Page also in order to be updated with our future posts. If you want to say or ask something then drop in here by commenting.

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