Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Best New Scrolling Facebook Pop Up Like Box Widget for Blogger Blogs

In the terms of Online World we've been working upon the rules since we've taken the steps towards ahead of development. It becomes the one and only nice job to you just because of your those steps, taken by you for a better and bright future.

You might be aware of that in a one minute of Internet what happens out there according to a survey done by privately in which something was said that in a minute there becomes about 6 Million Page Views/Per Minute. You can imagine that if it is as then what is most out there for others like Google, Bing and Wikipedia

The NEW! Facebook Scrolling Pop-up Like Box 

It is really something unbelievable to us being the part of Online World you must try new and upgraded things over your websites and Blogs in order to have a huge number of people to visit and read you, that means you would also be having a nice ranking within the Alexa.

In the article an attractive and effective scrolling Up and Down Facebook Widget has been shared in order to let you get a number of FB Fan Page Likes daily without doing any special work. Because it does almost all the work it self and lets you enjoy the huge likes within a short while.

What is special in this Widget

By the way, This widget let's the visitors and readers to like the page shown on the website after all it depends on them  whether they like to join your Fan Page or not.

However, This is a special widget than the others, Because it provides you various type of functions in which the followings are existed.

  • It has scrolling feature that lets it to Round UP and DOWN with the movement of Mouse Pointer.
  • It loads Faster and appears in seconds within the page opening.
  • It has an attractive style which catches the visitors attention to Like
  • It doesn't get bored any visitor because of its hiding feature that is found at the Top Right corner of the pop-up
  • The most important thing in this is the close-up to the number of your page likes (If you've more than 1000 likes, you've more chances to get Likes)

Follow the instructions to get this widget added on your blog

1. Visit and Login to your account

2. Select the Blog in which you want add the widget

3. Scroll Down to the Layout

4. Select "Add a Gadget"

5. Now copy the below code and add it inside of the appeared pop-up

6. Change the highlighted elements according to your desire

7. Just save it NOW! and view your blog and the widget probably would appear

I had found this widget so useful because of which I wanted to share it with you people therefore I did it. If you're having any difficulty in adding this widget then let me know I'll try to solve it. 

Have a nice Day!

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