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How to Spread Blog Posts over Social Networks

You know what, The need of sharing posts on Social Networks will not only be good for traffic, But Also be the valuable thing of reputing you around the social networks so that more people will follow you, The More People, The More Reputation. 

This tool is absolutely free and used by most of the blogger and the people who are aware of it. If you were looking for such kind of great thing from the past long times then do stop your journey here and get your posts published on various social networks according to your need that you desire.

While using this tool you'll get a lot of benefits provided by it. But the most important talk for you will be one special thing, Which is publishing posts over Social Networks on the right time of them, It means that when a post is published on your blog/site after a review that will be published automatically on the right time. Off course there are many benefits of using this kind of tool, But whatever I liked are explained in this post. If there was an opportunity of sharing your post with someone by a follower and if that got shared once, you'll not realize that how much you would be having traffic from social networks. 

That's why, you should always do use of these tools and let users find you on their social networks' accounts. Specially in these days social networks are the one of the important sources to generate free traffic toward your blog or site. Here is a tool which lets users to get their post published on their desired social networks.

How to use this tool and what's there in this tool? It is a free tool providing users to publish their posts and contents by some applications on different social networks such as; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc... It is very easy and simple to use and can be set in a few seconds just by following the below steps.

  • First of all Go to

  • Now by entering your email and password in the provided fields you'll get Signed Up

  • After that You'll come to the next page which will be same as the below image is:

  •   On this page all you need to do is to write the address of your blog and below it Something would be asked like "When should we make your first post?" and the answer is already given to them by the selection of "Post the most recent item now". Now Just after doing all of these come to hit on "Next". When you've clicked on the next you'll be redirected to another page like the below image.

    Step#3:Now on this page Just select any of your desired network and hit on it. You'll need to access with your desired network by authorizing and completing the tasks they ask for. But I had selected the Facebook(You can select any of these), Now on forward you'll get the below things if you're gonna configure Facebook.

    Step#4:This is the Facebook access Process, Where you need to authorize the application to your Facebook account. After it you'll see an image like below one.

    Step#5:Now here are some options for you, from which you're to select the desired places to post on them. In the process of Facebook you'll find your Personal Profile, Page and Group (If you've). Just select any of these and hit on the continue. When You've done the all above process and Now You should see this screen.

    Step#6:In this picture I've mentioned the button of +Add, from which you can add more social networks to receive posts on them from that blog which you had added in the first step. Now the screen should look like the below one.

    Now here is the place where you're allowed to add more social networks that you like to receive posts on from various sources such as; blogs, websites etc. After selection of any of the social networks you'll need to grant access with it and let the to share your posts on them.

    So It is the thing that will deliver your posts over all the Social Networks that you want to receive on, It does the tasks of sharing very fast and automatically. Thus, You'll get a huge number of visitors and readers on your blog for free. If you've any question relating to the post or if I've missed anything in this, You may write it here by commenting!

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