Monday, April 22, 2013

Bluetooth Tips and Origin - How does Bluetooth Technology work?

It is a connection which works as a wireless network and does a number of tasks for its users through various devices such as; Cell Phones, Computers and Laptops.

It has different kind of usages according to the users need and purpose. We know very well that how is the use of Bluetooth whether it is on cell phones or computers. However, It does the same process on every device.

How does Bluetooth work?

Actually, The normal and common way of Bluetooth working is just the Frequency, Where it gets an address which will be unique for every individual Bluetooth's network. It has a wide range of 30 feet to work with a strong power of sending and receiving data from various connected devices.

How are Bluetooth's Networks connected with each other?

In the reality Bluetooth's Networks are so easy to connect. However, There have been some rules and privacies upon those Bluetooth's Networks are connected with each other. For Example: If You've a Bluetooth connection and your friend is also having another one. When both of you want to pair/connect the networks, at that time you need to search for pairing.

When the searching is finished, the name of Bluetooth connection will be appeared and you need to select the name in order to connect it. After selecting the name it requires a password to verify that both of you agree to make a connection for data sharing. The entered password should be same in both of the devices, otherwise it will not be connected . Thus, By this method everyone will be able to connect their Bluetooth connections with others.  

What can be sent through Bluetooth?

It is the one of most used wireless network, by which people send and receive files on different type of devices. It is mostly found in cell phones for sharing data. By the normal users transfer their important multimedia files such as; Videos, Audios, Photos and much more. It depends on the device that what kind of power does it have. However, by the normal position Bluetooth network's transfer rate is 20kb/sec and work well until the device is not out from the covering range of 10 meters or 30 feet. It can also send the files with property of MBs as well as more.

What differences are there between Bluetooth and other wireless networks?

Bluetooth being a wireless network technology uses the radio waves. As we know there are many other wirelessly working systems such as; FM radios and TVs. The difference between Bluetooth and FM radios or TV is just the distance. Which means that Radios and TV are available at wide range around the globe but Bluetooth can works at least in Personal Area Network or "PAN" with a distance of 30 meters or (100 feet).


When you listen that a product has the system of "Bluetooth", Which means that there is a piece of "hardware" or thing like a small computer chip and that would be contained the Bluetooth radio. Thus, that product lets users to connect the Bluetooth with other similar products using the Bluetooth technology.

Who did invented the Bluetooth technology?

The technology of Bluetooth was invented in 1994. Which was a new and an amazing invent for that age, and helped the people in most of the technical usages. It was invented under a Swedish company by engineers at Ericsson. After the invent of it, most of the companies agreed to work unitedly while using Bluetooth technology to connect their products. The time when this process was started, the members of it got a title SIG (Special Interest Group). 

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