Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 5 Tips to Increase and Boost your Blog or Website Traffic by Fast Ways

The ways by which we try to achieve or led traffic towards our blog or site are so many. The most important thing for a blog is to have a good and huge number of traffic. 

Because blog is not everything that you think about but its traffic is the thing that works for you. A blog without traffic is nothing. That's why you've to shake your mind for boosting your blog traffic. If you got some ideas then follow them, If did not came anything on your mind then apply the several Tips for your blog today and be a successful blogger.

1. Submitting Sitemap to Search-Engines or Indexing:

Actually, This way can be achieved when we start working with SEO Search-Engine-Optimization system on the variety of ways provided by the concerned Search-Engines (SA). For Example; If we take Google for this purpose then we'll come to know that there is a way/tool said to be Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) used to index pages/posts of a website or blog in the Search-Results (SR) of Google. These kind of tools are also provided to publishers (from other Search-Engines) to index their posts/pages over them, Like Bing and Yahoo both of these SEs have a same tool to receive pages/posts from publishers. Which is said to be Bing Webmaster Tool as well as read an Article upon How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google

2. Social Networking or Bookmarking:

Do you want to boost your blog or site traffic with fun and without any hard working or doing some SEO  things. Well, I my self do need this and recommend this to every newbie to come and try this method of  having free traffic towards their blog and site. As the social networking is the easy and famous traffic  boosting method. Even newbies are aware of this way very well that's why, I will not explain it deeply.

First of all you should have your profiles in all the famous social networks. Some of them are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Just go and create your profiles in them as well as make your pages. Once you're having profiles in them you should do a work to spread you blogs over them, Which means when you write an Article that will be shared over all the social networks in which you've pages and profiles. You can do so by going on  How to Spread Blog Posts. It is strongly recommended, If you've a good reputation over social networks.

3. Unique and Quality content:

Writing unique and and quality content is appreciated by every blogger and even Google favor to the  bloggers who have unique content on their blogs. Once a blog is liked by Google because of good and unique published contents will achieve a lot more traffic from the search engine's results with a number of  visitors on daily basis. Google loves the bloggers who have 100% unique and quality contents as well as  Google Panda upadate can give you a number traffic and better rank in search results. Even there are  several benefits for publishing unique and quality contents, In which other blogs/sites will link their visitors to your blog because of having quality and unique content. As you're suggested by every blogger that please try to make your own content not to copy other's, Because copied content have no importance at the front of Google.

4. Guest Posting:

In this way a person has to write a good article for a blog or site upon the rules and terms of that blog or site and submitting that to them by the method they provide. Actually, doing so means posting articles as a guest on popular blogs or sites can bring you a huge number of their visitors to your blog as well as a Do Follow Link will be given to you in reward which is a point to increase your ranking. It is not all to it, Guest Posting is a way of reputing you on Internet faster. If you've a good skill in writing articles then don't let this way to   go away from you.

5. Forum Posting:

This is an other most recommended way to increase traffic of your blog or site. In this way, Before to all we need to be registered on some forums. When you're going to join any forum before it. You should remember that the forum you're going to join must have a good Google and Alexa rank. After joining any of them you need to post on some threads to have a good reputation with them.

Thus, If you posted something great the people who read them (If they liked it) will visit you back and your blog will be on the high rank everywhere on the Internet. In reward you may also get a Do Follow link of your blog from there (If you mentioned it). Hope this method will bring you in a good success of blogging.

What's more!

It was an article upon giving or opening a way for you from the section of hidden things. I hope you're helped little bit, after reading this article. We're deciding to mention such kind of things in the future posts by which you may be helped more. I've more tricks to share with you people concerning different type of topics such as; SEO, Social Promotion, Maintain High Ranked Results, and much more. Just keep visiting us and get new things in every post that we publish here and take care of your selves.

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Sakib Raj on June 8, 2013 at 10:17 AM said...

It is a part of marketing to reach out the webmaster and promote in Google. All of these 10 SEO tools are beneficial as well as important. I have used these tools from last two years. Its performance is appreciated!In SEO needs more traffic to reach the good result. I recommended you a new ColibriTool helps in search engine optimization. ColibriTool is very easy to handle as per you convenience!

Samandar Nichari on June 13, 2013 at 12:14 PM said...

@Sakib Raj: We Welcome you on our site and appreciate the Golden words of you. You're right without SEO optimization or without using its tools, it is impossible to achieve the success over the web.

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