Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to write an Article and Essay

It has already been said by many English writers that good reading is essential to write good essays.

Essay writing is an art and it can be learnt and perfected by constant and patient practice. Like all composition exercises essay writing can also be studied under two major heads.

(i) Matter or Contents (ii) Form or Expression.

For matter one has to read a lot of books on the topic of selected essay and to collect information and relevant ideas from experiences of life and model and standard literature. One thing is important that we should realize that the present age is the age of explosion of information and storm of ideas about social, economic, political, scientific and religious disciplines. Every writer and essayist should remember Bacon's maxim "Reading make a full man" If we follow the maxim it may help us to plan subject mater of the selected essay.

For writing an essay, form and expression are very important. When a person desirous to write an essay is well-read about the topic of essay and becomes possessor of rich and standard ideas then he should develop his power of expression in an impressive language. Infact, the prospective essayist has to dress his thought and have command over English language in order to write a standard essay. A prospective essayist should learn thoroughly the art of composition and grammar and cultivate a good style in writing.

The essayist should collect the information and contents of an essay intelligently and judge them on the bass of relevancy, fullness and coherency. He should completely express the correct and authentic thoughts in correct grammatical and idiomatic language. Remember "Practice makes a man perfect". The good essay should reflect the mind of the essayist, his thoughts, opinions, feelings and experiences in his individual style.

Essay writing is an intelligent exercise. It needs perfect knowledge of factual data as well as mental grasp and literacy talents to present the ideas in a well-planned prethought clear and lucid style.

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