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Free English to Urdu Pocket Dictionaries for your Mobile Phone

Free English to Urdu Pocket Dictionaries for your Mobile Phone

There in the world everyone has their wishes to get success in the future. Everyone want to explain his ablility to the world. If they want to show their experience to the world. They know that first of all they are to get the way of success. In the world alot of ways are there to show experience to the world and the basic way is to learn (International Language) English first then they may be able to fulfil their dreams at front of all.
There in the modern world English Learning is one of the necessory thing to everyone. That's why There in Pakistan the English to Urdu dictionary is one of the biggest need to people and specially for students. while keeping this thought in mind there has been added two best & different kind of pocket dictionaries for them. Now they don't worry to get dictionary.
Because they can download the dictionary without seeking them anywhere else.
Pocket dictionary means that the English to Urdu dictionaries are for your mobile phone.Which allows you to use dictionary in your mobile phone. Which you can use everywhere else by keeping it in your pocket.
Now don't ask any word to anyone. Because Just open your pocket dictionary and search your words in that without any waiting and be a smart person.
There has been kept two differen type of dictionaries. The first dictionary named Mahi Dictionary and the second is English to Urdu Dictionary.

Mahi Dictionary

                            "Mahi Dictionary" (English to Urdu Dictionary)

There are more than 44 thousand words in the Mahi Dictionary and It's faster then others. It has auto search because just you write your word in the search bar that will be searched it self.
In this dictionary you may search the each condition of the word.

Click on Below link to download

Please Click Here from your mobile to download Mahi Dictionary

English to Urdu Dictionary

                                    "English to Urdu Dictionary"

The English to Urdu dictionary has some more options. In which you may translate your Urdu words into English and English words to Urdu and the Urdu words will be in English letters.

Mobile users Click Here to download English to Urdu Dictionary

Please Read the Note


The Pocket Dictionaries are available for S40 version of mobile phones.
If you are getting failure to download then please contact to website owner or visit pocket
dictionaries pages which has been given below.

1. Raza Mahi Website

2. GetJar

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Muhammad Hussain on January 3, 2017 at 9:40 PM said...

Awesome offline dictionary, I am using this English to Urdu dictionary in my smart phone.

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