Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Download Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

Download Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

It is a data recovery software which can bring your deleted, lost, and other missed files from your hard disk and any SD card. Now don't worry about your deleted or lost files. Because now you can take out your those data from hard disk or memory card which has been deleted or lost.
There are few important methods for using it.

Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

(1) Please Don't install this software in that Drive from which you want to recover your data. Because this may cause disk overwrite and permanent data loss!

(2) Please put it in other drive then use it. It may 100 MB of free space take.
(3) It can supports all the 64bit Windows.

When you have launched it. then there will be appear a main Power Data Recovery window. There in the window you'll see five different options. The options will be as:
1 "Undelete Recovery", 2 "Damaged Partition Recovery", 3 "Lost Partition Recovery", 4 "Digital Media Recovery", 5 "CD/DVD Recovery.

Select "Undelete Recovery" by this you can recover your deleted files which was deleted accidently. If there your every file can't be recover then use other options either.

"Damaged Partition Recovery" it scan your full partition. It bring out your those files from a partition which is reformatted and damaged partition either. if though you didn't find your those files which you wanted to recover then please try other options.

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Please Click Here to Download Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

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